Political summer?

Danish Cecilie Jørgensen designs summer wear with Middle Eastern references. The patterns on her shorts and tops look like Keffiyeh scarfs usually worn by Palestinians as a sign of national pride. I’m not sure how I feel about turning it into a fashion statement, but in all fairness to Cecilie Jørgensen, it has been a fashion staple of leftwing Danish youth for years, so all she has done was to pick up the trend.



You can get Cecilie Copenhagen from Brown’s Fashion or from the brand’s own webshop.

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100 years of fashion

I love these videos. And I love how fashion lives off itself – yet always seems to add something new too.

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The tennis shoe: A summer must-have

Like any other Dane, I’m addicted to sneakers. If you ever walk down Strøget (the main shopping street here in Copenhagen), try looking down. “Just do it”. I mean, sneakers everywhere. 

I usually buy 2-3 pairs of sneakers every season, but this year the budget is tight, so I’m going to have to prioritise. It’s not too difficult, though: The 2015 must-have sneaker is a flat, white shoe that works equally well with a flimsy summer dress or a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans. Really, the decision I have to make is more about the budget than the design. So here we go: White sneakers to suit every budget – same, but different.


H&M’s version of the white sneakers is imitated leather. I like that it is so simple – it’s not trying to be anything it’s not, just a simple summer shoe.


Honestly, I think the whopping 495 dollars that La Garconne is charging for these Jil Sander shoes is outrageous (you CAN get them cheaper elsewhere – but not so much that they’re in my price range). So I’m mainly including this to show how they styled their model – and how versatile these shoes are. Top and bottom are also Jil Sander.


At Wakakuu you can get this classic, but cute little canvas shoe from Superga. Here it’s styled with a leather skirt from Zadig et Voltaire, which you can also find at Wakakuu.


And then of course there’s this: The classic Stan Smith tennis shoe from Adidas that will make you look like you came straight off the tennis court. I find myself rather partial to it – it looks like a fashion statement, but I bet it’s also really comfy.

By the way, if you’re into street wear, you might want to spend a few extra seconds clicking around Le Fix’ homepage. At some point in the future, I promise I’ll do a post about them.

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The Summer Blues


Peplum t-shirt from Danish brand InWear – found here.

’Strøget’ is the main shopping street here in Copenhagen. You’ll find a good selection of Scandi brands here, such as the huge labels COS, H&M, & Other Stories. But if you’re looking for some smaller, yet still affordable brands, you might check in at Companys.

Companys is a so-called ‘multi brand store’ which focusses on Scandinavian brands. Some of the them, e.g. Karen by Simonsen, are luxury brands, while others, such as Gestuz, are high street quality. The mix is a bit confusing, but on the other hand, a walk through the Copenhagen shop gives you a good idea about the current trends in Danish fashion, from the bottom and up.

This year, for instance, blue is the dominant colour. Crisp light blue cotton shirts or tunics are everywhere. In 2015, you might as well let it all hang loose – hippie style in caftans or kimonos, or boyfriend style in oversized shirts. Shades of blue clash in 70’s style patterns. But more than anything, the one trend to rule them all is denim blue: Denim shirts, ankle length retro looking denim skirts, cropped denim jackets, and – of course – the ever classic blue jeans, skinny or flared, with waistlines somewhere above your bellybutton.

If you’re in Copenhagen, you should pop by Frederiksberggade 24 to check out the shop. If not, all the brands are also available online.

Here’s a selection of this summer’s blue hues:


Oversized shirt from InWear – find it here.


‘Vintage’ denim jacket from InWear.


Go boho in a kimono from Soaked in Luxury.


Complete your Jane Fonda anno 1975 with this denim shirt from Part Two.


Sleeveless shirt from InWear – found online here.


Blue boyfriend shirt from Soaked In Luxury.

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Stine Goya S/S 2015


I have a love/hate relationship with Danish designer Stine Goya’s designs. I usually look awful in them: Her colour palette doesn’t go well with my skin tone, and her silhouettes make me look sloppy and just not very sexy, as they are obviously designed for women who are… let’s call it smaller than I. But on the other hand, her talent is indisputable. Her clothes may not look flattering on me, but they are pieces of art.

Her Spring/Summer 2015 collection is so spectacular it’s impossible to get around. Especially the designs that are made as a collaboration with Danish pictorial artist Erik A. Frandsen stand out. The colours are vibrant, and the materials are luxurious. There are several pieces I have got to try on. There’s always the hope that maybe THIS time I won’t look like a sack of potatoes.


And Erik A. Frandsens painting, which was used as a basis for the prints:


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Swish, swish


The midi length skirt is this season’s must have. The one above is from & Other Stories, and combines the swish with the 1970s – another major trend at the moment. Find it here.

However, I you prefer to rack that 1960s office gal vibe, you might go for this:


Both are lovely and warm wool blends, but if you are still feeling cold, I would style them with long boots such as these and an oversized sweater like this one from Acne :)

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The IT jacket!


This shearling jacket from Acne manages to gather every single current jacket trend into one. Unfortunately it is entirely unaffordable to most mortals. The only thing left to do is to salivate and dream of the modeling career you might have had which would have justified spending an obscene amount of money on a trendy winter coat.

Or, you could go looking for other options. For instance, Topshop has this retro cut version of a shearling jacket. I know it’s not quite the same, but it will keep you just as warm during winter. I think I’ll be realistic for once and put that on my wish list.


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Altuzarra for Target

I case you’ve somehow managed to miss this piece of news: Altuzarra’s new line for Target is currently available from Net-a-Porter.


Usually the label is way out of my price range, but the collaboration with Target makes the very feminine and sleek designs available to an entirely different segment – such as me.

I’ve ordered the Oxford shirt shown below. I’ve wanted one for quite some time, but haven’t been able to find one that balanced price and quality. Seeing it in real life is going to be very interesting – hopefully the quality won’t be disappointing.

Sadly the other item on my wish list, the strap sandal heels (worn in the pic above) were sold out before I could get my paws on them. Another item I would have gone for if I hadn’t presently been sporting a baby bump is the gorgeous red velvet suit, which looks like something straight out of the 70s.


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Pink Autumn

The sun is still out, but there’s no escaping it: It’s early autumn here in Denmark. The distinct chill in the air does not lie. However, it’s not too late for a last splash of colour: Especially if it’s pink. pink I caught this lady with the low sun in her eyes. I really love how fresh and crisp her coat looks, like a rosebud. I haven’t been able to find something quite similar (at least not within an affordable range), but Ganni has a very lovely coat, which I think might even last a little longer into autumn. ganni   I think it’s really fairly priced, but if you think it’s still too steep, H&M also has a take on the pink coat.

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Robyn Lawley Swimwear


Robyn Lawley just launched a swimwear collection with the slogan: “Swimwear that fits!” As I’ve written about before, finding the right bikini is a right hassle if you do not happen to be a size 0 with an A cup. So her new line falls on a soft spot for many of us.

However, the un-retouched Instagram photo of herself that she (very courageously) posted has attracted a lot of attention for other reasons. There are more women than I who cannot help but notice that Robyn is, in fact, a rather slim, healthy-looking young lady, and that the ‘plus size’ label that the fashion world has attached to her has nothing to do with what real, adult women look like. In fact, I find that it’s a rather degrading category to be placed into.

When I look around me, I see that I am obviously average sized. Not plus sized. To me, this is just another form of body shaming – a tired and manipulative way of keeping women in our place. I recommend watching the documentary Miss Representation (it’s currently available on Netflix) if you don’t know what I mean.

Fashion is not made for real female bodies. It’s made for the iconic (and skinny) representation of wealth, status and power that we all seem to have fallen for.

What is my assessment of the swimwear collection? Well – I appreciate the sentiment. However, I would have much preferred it if existing brands would start producing a wider range of sizes, rather than having a dedicated ‘plus size’ collection.

(Also, some of the collection is a bit too fussy for my Danish minimalist tastes).

You can shop the collection online here. But heed my advice: Never buy a bikini that you haven’t tried on. Or if you do, at least make sure you can send it back free of charge.

I really do take my hat off for Robyn Lawley, though. Once again, she has managed to bring attention to this problem, which affects pretty much every female fashion consumer in the world.


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